Dr. Magendran


Reach Dr.Magendran
  • Email : magendran@raataedu.com
  • Office : +91 44 4224 4224

Ms. Silambarasi


Reach Ms.Silambarasi
  • Email : silambarasi@raataedu.com
  • Office : +91 44 4224 4224

About Dr. Magendran :

Dr Mahendran serving the Educational Industry for more than 20 Years. He is been global educational visionary for past few decades. Especially his experience on higher education for Indian students is helping him to establish global univeristy contacts, which enables best quality education for Indian Students.

His long term vision on overseas education for Indian Students is to ease the process and providing wolrd class education for Indian students in many more world universities.

About Ms. Silambarasi :

Ms Silambarasi is always great at conversations, especially to students and to encourage them to achive their dreams. Being a senior consultant with us for many years, now Ms. Silambarasi is one of our Director in RAATA Education and helping 100s of students to achive their MBBS dream every year.

Her part starts with interacting each and every student till their first consultant until their safe settle in the university. She spreads care in each and every step of the admission process.