Depending on the final discretion of the university,the admissions are on a first come, first serve basis only. Through RAATA, getting admission from abroad medical universities are very simple process.

Follow the steps below for the admission process...
  • Fill up the desired university form
  • Contact any of our representatives through phone
  • Can attend free counselling.
  • Submit the transcripts of records, school leaving certificates and his/her passport copy.
  • Applicant will receive the admission letter after document submission
  • Official invitation letter will be send to the student by the University, issued by the ministry of foreign affairs after the admission is confirmed.
  • For Visa Process,Students should visit the consulate or embassy.

Fee Structure

The admission cost in Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan universities is relatively cheap as compared to the other country regions such as the Philippines or China. The fee structure varies from one country to another. Like some of the Russian medical universities charge approx. 12 lacs, while the figure may reach up to 28. Lacs for different universities. The fees can be paid in easy installments.

Recognition of Degree

The MBBS programs offered by the Filipino universities are recognized globally by medical council, UNESCO and WHO. The degrees of philippines universities are valid in all major countries including USA. The universities offer courses in English language so that foreign students can learn with ease and convenience.